Gerber Finance Foundation

Gerber Finance is excited to announce the Gerber Finance Foundation, dedicated to helping the members of our communities thrive by providing hunger relief for children.


Gerber Finance Foundation

Our Mission


Gerber Finance Foundation's aim is to help all members of our communities thrive. We leverage expertise and access to provide hunger relief for children in the suburbs of our NYC headquarters.

Our Story

A long history of giving back and a passion for helping others achieve, led Gerber Finance Inc. CEO, Gerald Joseph, and President, Jennifer Palmer, to start the Gerber Finance Foundation.  The Foundation is committed to bringing its programs and resources to local communities surrounding New York City.  Additionally, Gerald and Jennifer initiated Gerber Gives Back, the Gerber Finance Inc. employee driven volunteer program, creating the opportunity to support agencies of significance for Gerber employees through service.

The Gerber Finance Foundation and Gerber Gives Back ensure that we act as positive agents of change, and that philanthropy continues to play an important role for Gerber Finance Inc., now and in the future.


"It is now the time to use the skills we have learned over the years towards a greater good of giving back in ways that not only solve their temporary need but in the long term help them improve their own financial situation"
~ Gerald Joseph, CEO, Gerber Finance Inc.


Our Work

Hunger Relief

For our inaugural program, we are partnering with HOPE Community Services of New Rochelle to start the HOPE-full Kids Program, providing bags of breakfast and lunch foods for children in need on school holidays, when school meals are unavailable, leaving some children with nothing to eat. We are committed to ensuring that the pantry’s children have access to food to support their growing minds and bodies.
Through Gerber Finance Foundation’s efforts, over 5,000 bags are expected to be distributed through the HOPE-Full Kids Program during the 2018-2019 school year.


Gerber Gives Back, our volunteer program, gives employees the opportunity to take time away from the office and volunteer together towards a greater good. Each quarter, employees go out in teams to agencies surrounding our New York City headquarters.

Through September 2018 Gerber employees have donated more than 200 hours of time volunteering and have packed and distributed over 4900 food pantry bags.


"While it is easy to donate money, we believe that to truly make an impact, we must also dedicate our time."
~ Jennifer Palmer, President, Gerber Finance Inc.

Gerber Finance Foundation


The statistics around childhood hunger in our own back yard are staggering, and it’s time to make a change!

A school holiday day can be worrisome to a child who relies on meals at school for nourishment. Let’s take away that worry and hunger by providing bags of breakfast and lunch foods.

Current costs for the HOPE-Full Kids program:

$4.52 = Feeds 1 child breakfast and lunch on a school holiday
$250 = Feeds 50+ children breakfast and lunch on a school holiday
$500 = Feeds 100+ children breakfast and lunch on a school holiday
$900 = Sponsors a 1 day holiday/ feeds 200 children breakfast and lunch!
$2700 = Sponsors a 3 day holiday/ feeds 200 children breakfast and lunch for 3 days!

Please join us on this mission by making a donation today!

Two ways to donate!



Made out to: Triskeles Foundation
Memo Line:   Gerber Finance Foundation

Mail to: Triskeles Foundation
  707 Eagleview Blvd.
Suite #105
Exton, PA 19341
  (610) 321- 9876


Gerber Finance Foundation is a donor advised fund account held in a values aligned, mission based investment account by Triskeles Foundation, a Donor Advised Fund 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Your donation goes directly to Triskeles Foundation, which, in turn, based on our partnership, makes the aggregated gift to HOPE Community Services of New Rochelle for the HOPE-full Kids Program.

Thank you for supporting our mission and being a part of the solution.
We all move forward by giving back together!

For questions or inquiries please email